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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine Paper Craft

Materials you will need are a printer, paper (I prefer construction paper or another heavier paper), scissors, glue, and something to colour with
Print out the template of choice.

Colour pieces, as necessary
#1 is red on the bottom and grey on top,
#2 is blue,
#3 and #4 are black,
#5 and #6 are black on the inside and yellow on the rim and
#7 is grey.

Cut out the pieces. This step may require adult assistance and can be done prior to craft time (if you're colouring the cut out pieces, put a roll of masking tape on the back and tape lightly to newspaper or scrap paper).

Glue the pieces together (see the picture above for how the finished product should look). It's a good idea to pre-do one before doing these crafts with a bunch of young kids, so they can see what it looks like finished.
Glue #2 (the "body") on top of #1 (the base/wheels)
Glue #3 on top of #2
Glue #4 under #2
Glue #5 and #6 on either side of #3
Glue #7 ("head") on top of the whole thing

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